Slow cooked steak Heston style (>24 hours)


Before the oven
Get a blow torch from your DIY store. Brown the outside of the meat using the hot flame of your blow torch. The most important reason for this is to trigger the Maillard-reaction; the changing of proteins. This is what browns your food and makes it taste better. Besides that, it also kills bacteria.

In the oven
Place the meat in a 50 degrees celsius oven (double check the oven temperature with an oven thermometer). Leave it here for at least 24 hours. When we removed our steak, the core thermometer said the core was 45 degrees. And no, we didn't get food poisoning. ;-)

After the oven
Bake each side of your steak three times for about 20 seconds in a heavy, hot pan with some oil. The meat won't need any butter, it will have a strong game-like taste of itself. Heston adds salt and pepper, but to us, it tasted great even without seasoning.

After baking it
Place it back in your 50 degree oven for about 10 minutes. This allows your meat to relax. When cutting it, the juices will stay in the meat.


Being a big fan of Heston Blumenthal, and being inspired by many of his recipes, making his 'perfect steak' at least once had been on our wish list for a long time. We already did some other slow cooked beef, but not the blow torched, 24 hour cooked steak. And now we did!

We also wanted to make the mushroom ketchup, with mushroom extract. But the episode of 'In search of perfection' appears to contain a typo that ruins this ketchup totally. And this typo is copied by many bloggers who claim to have made this sauce. No way they did, because with 75 grams of salt instead of 7,5 grams it is totally inedible. ;-)

We will redo this sauce soon, and also blog about that.

This way of preparing the meat will keep all the juices in (the meat does dry out / ripe a bit, but no juices will drip out of it). Also the proteins won't shorten (the meat stays tender), and enzymes will make the meat even more tender. The meat will have a strong, game-like taste.

See the video below for our 26(!) hour cooked steak, and on the left you will see the recipe.

26 hour steak in the oven


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